Sinkil Money

(Istanbul 1979-1992)

Sinkil Money is a series related to the money that the artist produced throughout his life, starting from his student life, and that he even shopped with by putting into circulation. This emerged with different themes in the three phases of Sinkil's life (IDGSA - Istanbul period - Antalya period).

This series, which started by painting the real five liras that were used by taping when they were dirty, old, worn out and unusable, was first seen at the "2nd New Trends Exhibition" opened at IDGSA Osman Hamdi Bey Hall in 1979. The fact that "money, which is the most looked at and held object in life at any moment, looks so bad, even though receving art education through it is possible" created the motivation for the artist to paint and transform them.

The second phase of the series consisted of abstract figurative paintings made with oil paint on scraps of paper money size canvas. He also used these paintings on which he wrote "Sinkil Money" when shopping. He also joked with the waiter, who was surprised when he paid the bill with Sinkil Money after having a feast at a restaurant where he invited his friends, and said "I am a painter… Painters paint paintings, sell them and maintain their lives in this way. I shortened the process. I give you the painting directly. Keep the change". Zümrüt Pekin, who was the manager of the restaurant at the entrance of Bilsak in the 1980s, gladly accepted the paintings.

After moving to Antalya, Sinkil continued the third phase of this series with the theme of landscapes that he inspired by the nature of the region.

Apart from the artist's archives, collectors, and friends he gave the money as a gift, it is thought that Sinkil money is owned by the shopkeepers who crossed paths with Murat Sinkil such as the dentist, the seller of painting materials, the butcher, the grocer, the patisserie and the taxi driver of that period or by the people who came by the money after it changed hands.
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