(Antalya 1999)

Sinkil's thoughts on the "Enlargements" exhibition he opened at the State Fine Arts Gallery in Antalya in 1999 (17-30 September):

"Antalya and its surroundings have a rich and unique past in terms of the arts of ancient civilizations, as well as different natural beauties. It is possible to see examples from every period from the cave periods to the present day. However, they are not sufficiently taken advantage of.

In this respect, the exhibition is related to the motifs on ceramics in our region (Hacılar).  It takes us away from the visual noise we live in, and brings us closer to the simple tone of its colors that relieves us, and to the additional flavors gained by the passing time and wear with its similarity to the land we live in.

The exhibition is for those who are tired of the ugly visuality that surrounds us. It is a suggestion to look at the beginning and to the first works produced."

M.S. notes

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