Childlike Paintings

(Antalya Last Period 2015-2018)

The artist, who had always been interested in the paintings made by children, started this series when he was 61 years old by enlarging a freight truck painting he made when he was 5 years old. Sinkil, who also visited children's exhibitions and purchased paintings, combined the citrus stalls seen around Antalya with his own childish aspect in the series he created by adopting the childish body perception in these paintings.

"Brother Murat’s understanding of reality was to accept and respect the existence and reality of matter, but beyond that, what made art "art" was an essence in matter and that this was a special knowledge present in nature. Brother Murat was chasing this knowledge hidden in nature. And he would think that children naturally feel this - the knowledge within reality that causes a painting to be a "real painting". Children's paintings were a tool for this purpose. He used to believe in the natural wisdom of children and he tried to reach that knowledge by understanding them." Mehmet Özşimşek, Artist.

"Brother Murat used to say that sincerity is very important in painting, that there is no room for cheating, and it is necessary to start making a painting with the naivete of a child. He also used to say that their naïve impression was correct and that it would even be approprirate to seek a child’s opinion to understand whether a painting is good or not." Cengiz Kuluğ, Artist.

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