(Antalya Last Period 2015-2018)

In the last period (2015-2018) when the artist learned that there were problems related to his health, he made a work plan for the paintings he thought he should make in order to use his time well. First of all, he wanted to refresh his memory, see what he was doing, and have a command of his own chronology. In this context, while he was reviewing his school period paintings, his memories were revived. When reviewing some of his memories, he thought: "Why didn't I make a painting of this?". In this process, which he called "Flashback", Sinkil decided to paint his memories of Istanbul, to make small touches by reconsidering some of his paintings from his studentship period, and to reveal other paintings that were in his mind, and he started working. He expressed the thought he had in his mind while making this decision in his notes as follows: "...maybe I can clear things up a little before I die". The last period paintings, dated 2015-2018, left behind by the artist, are the ones he produced after taking this decision. The Flashback series is one of these works.
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